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Tetralogy of Fallot Repair

Ram Mangal Heart Fondation – Tetralogy of Fallot Repair Center


Tetralogy of Fallot is a heart defect that exists from birth (congenital). It usually includes four defects in the heart and causes the baby to turn a bluish color (cyanosis).

Open-heart surgery is needed, and it is often done when the child is between 6 months and 2 years old.

The surgery involves :

  • Closing the ventricular septal defect with a patch.
  • Opening the pulmonary valve and removing the thickened muscle (stenosis).
  • Placing a patch on the right ventricle and main pulmonary artery to improve blood flow to the lungs.

The child may have a shunt procedure done first. A shunt moves blood from one area to another. This is done if the open-heart surgery needs to be delayed because the child is too sick to go through surgery.

  • During a shunt procedure, the surgeon makes a surgical cut in the left side of the chest.
  • Once the child is older, the shunt is closed and the main repair in the heart is performed.
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