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Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap – Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune


Rammangal Heart Foundation can proudly claim it is the first unit in Pune for all kinds of Cardiac surgery in Pune under one roof. Ram Mangal HF the best Cardiac surgery centre in Pune. Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune. Having More Than 30 Years Of Experience. CABG manages the surgery which patches up the stream of blood to the heart. Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune who has received his basic Medical College training at B J Medical College, completing his M.S. in General Surgery, under the guidance of Dr. M. J. Joshi, a world-famous General Surgeon and renowned Gastrointestinal Surgeon specialized in liver surgery.

In most cases, the doctor will close off the opening using the medicine. If this does not work, then other techniques are used.


Dr. Ranjit Jagtap – Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune


Sometimes the PDA can be closed with a procedure that does not involve surgery. The procedure is most often done in a laboratory that uses x-rays. In this procedure, the Cardiothoracic surgeon makes a small cut in the groin. Wire and tube called a catheter is inserted into an artery in the leg and is passed up to the heart. Then, a small metal coil or another device is passed through the catheter into the infant’s ductus arteriosus artery. The coil or other device blocks the blood flow, and this corrects the problem.

Before birth, the baby has a blood vessel that runs between the aorta (the main artery to the body) and the pulmonary artery (the main artery to the lungs), called the ductus arteriosus. This small vessel most often closes shortly after birth when the baby starts to breathe on their own. If it does not close, it is called a patent ductus arteriosus. This could cause problems later in life.

Another method is to make a small surgical cut on the left side of the chest. The surgeon finds the PDA and then ties off or clips the ductus arteriosus, or divides and cuts it. Tying off the ductus arteriosus is called ligation.Ram Mangal Heart Foundation provides multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluations and therapy for children with PDA. Dr. Ranjit Jagtap provides the Best Cardiac surgery in Pune. He is one of the Best Cardiac Surgeon in Pune.

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