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Our Department

Our Departments – Ram Mangal Heart Foundation

Radiology and Diagnostic Test


● Carotid doppler

● Sonography / Ultrasound

● x-ray

● Stress test

Pathology Test


● Thyroid profile
● Lipid profile
● Liver function test (LFT)
● Kidney function test (KFT)
● HIV test
● HBA1C (Diabetes) test



The Rammangal Heart Foundation of pharmacy provides comprehensive pharmacy services to patients. Our department consists of full-time pharmacists and pharmacy residents. Pharmacists play a key role in providing quality healthcare. They are experts in medicines and will use their clinical expertise, together with their practical knowledge to advise you on common problems such as coughs, colds, aches, and pains, as well as healthy eating.

Cardiac Rehabilitation


Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) is a medically supervised program that helps improve the health and well-being of people who have heart problems. Rehab programs include exercise training, education on heart-healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress and help you return to an active life.

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